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Brings quality to your everyday life

You are our driving force

SEIKO doesn't develop spectacle lenses for the sake of technology, but to make your life easier and more comfortable. And our goals remain unchanged: All our products and services stand for reliability and quality. Each of our staff worldwide contributes to this philosophy day by day.

Quality runs in the family

Each of our spectacle lenses is made with over 90 years of experience in spectacle lens production. The know-how exchange with related SEIKO divisions, such as watches and timing systems, is at least equally valuable. Up to this day, many prizewinning developments have emerged from this family of companies.

There is no limit to quality

Want a spectacle lens tint matching your tie? Rimless lenses in spite of high minus powers? Where others reach their limits, the SEIKO Xception team will find a way to fulfill every customer's wish. With a powerful combination of state-of-the-art technology and individual workmanship.


Quality is precision

Did you know that a spectacle lens goes through plenty of processes - sometimes in a completely sterile environment - until it is fitted into your frame? Join us on a fascinating journey through the production process of our spectacle lenses.


See the SEIKO brand and you know it's top quality

The SEIKO logo is a mark of quality to be proud of. If you wish, your optician will add a subtle engraving to your SEIKO spectacle lenses, identifying them as branded products without impairing your vision.