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Are your eyes good shape?

What warning signs are there?

With increase of life expectancy unfortunately also there is an increase of eye diseases. 

AMD is divided into dry and wet AMD. If these diseases are discovered early enough, 90% of all cases can be treated successfully. This is a major advantage in improving the quality of life and independence until old age.


Over the age of 50, the number of AMD cases rises. This impairment unfortunately appears where vision is sharpest. Central vision deteriorates, whereas at the periphery remains stable for a longer time. The loss of vision in the centre impairs the patient substantially, for example when driving or reading. Among the early symptoms are blurry vision when the light is low and the so-called "chroma lines", i.e. bathroom tiles are suddenly curved and window frames are no longer straight or letters seem to be distorted. These are warning signals that have to be taken very seriously. There is an early and a late stage of dry AMD, both of which can be easily treated today.


An early stage of wet AMD is caused by plaques below the retina leading to sacculation. This form of AMD, too, can be treated with medication.

See a film how AMD is developing: