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SEIKO EasyScan

Are your eyes in good shape?

Your SEIKO specialist will have
the answer within 3 minutes

Our eyes are a wonder of nature: We are able to distinguish between 150 different colour shades of visible light and to match them with half a million colour perceptions. 80 % of human's sensations are transferred to the brain via their eyes. This is why accurate vision is so important for us. How do you keep your precious eyesight at its best? The magic words are early diagnosis! The EasyScan eye check will show you within just three minutes if your eyes are healthy.

How does EasyScan work?

Nice and easy within three minutes: without waiting for a doctor's appointment! Without eye drops to widen your pupils! More reliable images of your retina developed contact to your eye. 


What eyesight changes are we talking about?

Early diagnosis of visual changes is the key to successful therapy sustaining your quality of life and independence until old age.


"Don't spoil your eyes!"

…, This is what parents used to say when we sat too close to the TV screen. The average European spends 7.7 hours a day staring at electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. How about you?