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Be Prepared, be protected

Imagine lenses that adapt to your surroundings. Fast and reliable. That protect your eyes from too much light, whether you are indoors or outside. Unconditionally. Lenses that make you look and feel so good, you’ll want the wear them all the time. Imagine SEIKO SENSITY – hi-tech photochromic technology wrapped up in unprecedented wearing comfort.

Light to dark and back

SEIKO SENSITY lenses don’t leave you standing in the dark for long: Their new, innovative production technology ensures a faster performance than ever. Within 30 seconds they darken to an attractive sun lens tint. When it is time to see clearly again they provide you with an up to 23% lighter vision after only 60 seconds.
But no matter whether the lenses are dark or light, they protect your eyes and the surrounding tissue from harmful UV rays at any time.

The One for every season

Thanks to Stabilight Technology™ the new SEIKO SENSITY lenses have a reliable, consistent performance even under climatic conditions. Extensively tried and tested they deliver excellent optical qualities and long standing durability. Innovative hi-tech photochromic vision so advanced, you hardly notice it.

The three sensity colours

When it comes to glasses you want to see well and look good at the same time. With SEIKO SENSITY the choice is yours: Pick a tint that suits your style and needs! Choose either the classic grey, warm brown or the new and stylish green tint. Every single one of these three varieties gives you the best performance in glare reduction, contrast retention and colour experience and darkens to a category 3 sun lens.