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Vision in perfect harmony

Conventional progressive lenses manage a good viewing balance, if the prescription values for both eyes are similar. For more sophisticated spectacle wearers who demand extra precision, quality, agreeability and design - especially with highly divers prescription values - we have developed SEIKO PRIME

Lenses, simply beautiful

When you choose the frame for your glasses not only for practical, but especially also for aesthetic reasons, you expect the same qualities of the lenses. SEIKO PRIME progressive lenses will meet your every demand: Precise and sharp with a high definition visibility they also stunningly slim with an extra thin diametre. Simply the most beautiful lenses you have ever looked through.

Vision in perfect harmony

SEIKO PRIME synchronises the fields of view for both eyes already for a difference in prescription value as little as +/- 0,5 sphere and/or cylinders - even around the outer edges. Before the actual production process is started,  a special modulation software simulates the later outcome, and optimises the synchronization effect accordingly. For an extra harmonious viewing experience.

Relaxation for your eyes

Astigmatism is always a challenge - especially when it comes to progressive lenses. Thanks to Advanced Aspheric Design used to create SEIKO PRIME lenses distortions around the edges as well as limitations within the close vision zone are eliminated. Giving you perfect vision near and far and the most relaxing viewing experience you will ever have.




Just the best. Just for You. SEIKO PRIME. Watch now!