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Higher Contrast. Richer Colours.
No Glare.

SEIKO PolarThin - the world's thinnest polarised lens - offers you all the qualities of top-of-the-range sunglasses with the added benefit of total glare reduction and an improved perception of contrast and colour. These lenses are so light and thin they can be used in any type of frame - even rimless and supra frames.


When you are active in the great outdoors it is important to protect your eyes from too much sunlight. Especially when you are engaged in winter sports or water sports, where in addition to direct sunlight you get a lot of glare from reflective surfaces like snow or water.

Conventional sunglasses cannot filter out these irritations. SEIKO PolarThin innovative polarisation filter however blocks out any glare and lets you see clearly, even full of light and glare environments. Here is extra fun for outdoor sports and extra safety when driving on wet and shiny streets.


Game on -
for colour and contrast

Another benefit of the SEIKO PolarThin filter: Contrast is improved and you perceive the typical outdoor colours green and blue more vividly and intense. Experience nature like never before!

Perfect lenses for any kind of frame

SEIKO PolarThin offers you the world’s most stylish lens. Not only does it let you see well, it also makes you look good: Thanks to a new and innovative production process the lenses are exceptionally thin and extremely lightweight. They can be used in any kind of frame, even rimless and supra frames.

Also,  you can choose your lens style from two attractive natural colours – cool grey or warm brown.