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Sport and Fashion Glasses with your prescription

It’s your sport. Your style. Your life. You decide how you live it. And you should also decide what you look like.

SEIKO CURVED let’s you make this choice, no matter what your eye-sight demands of your glasses. With SEIKO High Curved Technology we can give you the glasses you want and need. In any shape and for any occasion.

Choose from over 200 colours, pick one of our five amazing mirrors. Choose your look to fit your life, and let SEIKO be part of it.

Sharp vision in style

A sharp vision is a must-have, in any season. SEIKO Curved and Curved X allows you to wear single view or progressive lenses during sports or recreation without compromising your look, comfort or quality. From now on you decide what’s your style – not your prescription.

It's a colourful world

With far more than 200 different colours and further photochromic and polarised options there are almost limitless possibilities to create your individual look. Get your ideal pair of glasses, perfectly adjusted to purpose and location.

Watch Movie

Watch Movie

Fun, action, inspiring - My SEIKO CURVED! Live your style and Sport individually without compromises!


The SEIKO Mirror Collection is another highlight of the SEIKO Fashion World. Combine one of our five exceptional mirror coatings with a coloured glass of your choice and create your very own unique pair of glasses. For an individual, trendy look of your own.

SEIKO HCT – Hi-Tech for a natural viewing experience

The key to a flawless, natural viewing experience is SEIKO High Curved Technology (HCT):

This advanced technology optimises the design of the lens for frames with extreme curves by using the individual parameters of the wearer. The result:Immaculate sharp images for single vision and progressives for a perfectly natural viewing experience during sports and recreation.