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The right lens for every situation

Spectacle lenses off the shelf?
Not with SEIKO.

Because we care way too much about your eyes. We want excellent visual experiences with every spectacle lens and make the highest demands on the material and its resistance. This is how we create the unique SEIKO spectacle lens quality that you won't want to miss.

The Freedom To Choose

No more compromises! SEIKO CURVED lets you choose your style. Pin sharp vision in any curved sports or fashion frames - even with single or progressive lenses.

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Tips for handling

Spectacle lenses seem to have a mind of their own. They neither like to be in the sauna, nor want to be put down on their lens surface. With a few little tricks you can enjoy your SEIKO spectacle lenses for a long time.

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Eyewear that performs

Thinner, sharper and more lightweight - SEIKO. Enter SEIKO┬┤s world of vision. Ranging from the ideal spectacle lenses for every situation to lenses for special purposes.

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