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Seiko Optical presents new brand positioning, new look, new strategy and a new business model. The new brand offers premium vision products and service solutions for independent Eye Care Professionals as well as their customers. All consolidated under one clear concept of “Precision”.

The Japanese brand Seiko, well known around the world for its time keeping devices, has been in the vision business since the 1980’s but only recently underwent a comprehensive rebranding process. The transformation of the conceptual, strategic, and visual world of Seiko Optical begins with the idea of “Precision”. Precision defines the brand essence of Seiko. All the strength, the competence, and the drive are unified in this one attribute that reflects the most important brand feature. It stands for strength of character and an attitude. 


The brand’s long history and its strong heritage are a guarantee for superior quality and unerring competence. The foundation for the company known today as Seiko was laid in 1887 when Kintaro Hattori started a clock repair service at his home in the Ginza area of Tokyo. 50 years later the company sold more than two million watches and clocks, nearly two-thirds of Japan’s total time keeping production. One breakthrough followed another and soon Seiko would become synonymous with the utmost in quality, game-changing innovation. Now, the passion for precision, bold individuality and uncompromising design have been taken to the next level for lenses and eyewear.  


The dedication to creating premium products can be seen in the numerous awards that the company has won throughout the years. The prestigious Silmo d’Or Award is yet another testament to Seiko’s dedication to excellence. Additional accolades such as “Brand of the Year” from the World Branding forum defines Seiko as a strong brand and differentiates it further from its competitors.

Whether seen in Seiko’s revolutionary lens technology or creation of the world’s thinnest lenses, the brand reliably pioneers, inspires and leads the way in precision for vision.


Seiko Vision was born from the need for premium products that combine unique design, excellent quality, and cutting-edge technology. After careful study of the target audience’s needs a new brand positioning has been developed. Now, a premium target group has finally discovered a brand with which they can truly connect and identify. For the Eye Care Professionals the new brand offers smart, premium products, individual support and all the benefits of a closed exchange network.

Hamburg (DE) based creative agency, GROSSE LIEBE Kommunikationsagentur, was tasked with re-positioning the brand and developing its new appearance. The famous award-winning photographer, Tomaso Baldessarini, shot the black and white photography. The imagery presents strong characters, personalities with a self-confident aura and an intense look.  An “Insight Statement” accompanies each character – a strong claim that portraits precision as a way of life and an attitude.

Dirk Beckmann, Marketing EMEA at Seiko Optical Europe in Willich: “The eye care market is a competitive one. It is occupied by many players, from medical specialist manufacturers to fashion labels. So it was crucial to develop a unique and premium brand personality. We have succeeded in doing so with the guiding idea of “Precision for Vision”. Seiko’s visual and conceptual transformation represents where the company is today and its precise vision for the future."