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Arriving relaxed

For more safety in road traffic, SEIKO created a combination of two features ideal for driving. With the new SEIKO DRIVE spectacle lenses, a unique combination of an optimised lens design and the newly developed special coating SEIKO RoadClearCoat, driving will be safer and more relaxed.

No matter if customers want single Vision or progressive lenses, the new SEIKO DRIVE design meets all visual requirements of drivers optimally. Wearers will benefit from clear far vision and will also be able to keep a close eye on their Cockpit, their head-up display, the instruments and the sat-nav in the centre console.

The new special coating SEIKO RoadClearCoat caters for clear vision, too. It was developed to reduce the glare of modern light sources, such as LED lights, and other disturbing and reflections at dusk, dawn and during the night to a minimum, enabling the wearers to stay relaxed and reach their destination safely. The latest studies show that over 75% of drivers feel insecure when driving in twilight and fog. Offer your customers more safety in road traffic.